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Adele has painted a fantastic portrait of my parents two Siamese cats, for my Mum's 80th Birthday. She has perfectly captured the cats expressions and colouring and was a joy to work with - providing photos of progress as she went from sketches to early painting, onto the finished portrait. We are absolutely delighted, thank you - Jeremy. O
Adele captured our fur babies Bailey and Vega so perfectly. This was a gift for my Mum and she was over the moon with it, the portrait went straight up in the lounge and the tea towels always get complimented on hanging up in the kitchen, the colours match so well with the rest of the interior too. The perfect gift for animal lovers! - Denby. A
I purchased a portrait and three tea towels of Monty, my Mum's cat, for her birthday. My Mum is the hardest person in the world to buy gifts for and always tells me not to bother. When I saw Adele painting these picture perfect portraits I just knew this would be something my Mum would adore, and she did. When I saw the finished product I was absolutely blown away. The likeness is uncanny and its surreal seeing your pet in such a detailed painting. Adele is super nice and would always go that extra mile for you where she can. I cannot recommend enough - Mikey. H
Adele is insanely gifted - but not only that, she is a joy to work with! From start to finish she was communicative, and you can tell she truly loves creating these masterpieces. We have a white dog, and I was blown away by the details she put into our portrait - every hair, eye twinkle and ear spot was spot on! She was extremely kind, and when we received our package I was again delighted with how special it was wrapped. Somehow, the portrait is even better in person. Cameras can't truly pick up the detail that the eye sees - its magnificent! I can't wait to get it framed, and tell everyone about her talent. We will definitely be using her again for future pets! Thanks so much! - Lydia. D
We commissioned Adele to do a portrait of our dog, Penny, who passed away tragically a couple of months ago. Adele captured Penny so beautifully and we are so thankful to have this gorgeous portrait of her forever. I would recommend Adele's work to anyone who is thinking of getting their own pet done. - Aoife. C
Adele has created the most amazing portrait of my pet, Ted. She has done the most amazing job capturing his personality. She has even added a beautiful little bow to his portrait. I could not be happier, the who process was a wonderful experience. You will not be disappointed! And my step dad cried at the painting! So cute, thank you so much. - Megan. C
Oh my god I could not thank you enough, it is beautiful! Thank you so much for all of the work and love you have put into it, this portrait will be treasured forever. We are hoping to get a kitten within the year, so I will definitely be getting back to you again to add to the portrait family! Thank you a million times - Daria. C
Adele Catchpole is super talented and has captured every bit of emotion in Vinnie's face - Elizabeth. S
 Adele absolutely nailed the portrait of my cat Cedric. She drew all of his features perfectly and really managed to capture his personality in her work. I gave some of the art I ordered from her away as presents and they were greatly received but the tea towels were so cute I had to keep one for myself - Katie. R
SO. MUCH. LOVE.FOR. THIS! The best colour Tea Towel, the most pawfect pawtrait and such lovely customer service too! Win win win - Clare. B 
I have to share this INCREDIBLE portrait Adele Catchpole has created of Cassie and Magnus, my first babies. I got a bit emotional when I received it because it captures their beauty and personalities perfectly and the quality of the painting and details in it are just outstanding. We can't wait to get it framed and up in our house, this will be a centre piece in our home for decades - Becca. H
The painting is absolutely beautiful and my partner loves it - he's being very precious about it and makes sure anybody who looks at it is very careful, haha! - Abigail. D
Love this awesome pet portrait of our Coco from the amazingly talented and lovely Adele Catchpole - Sophie. L 
I surprised the family with this beautiful portrait of Nit. Thanks to the amazing Adele Catchpole - Catherine. E
Wow! The portrait looks beautiful, Thank you so much! I'm really happy with the result, you've really catched her character especially her eyes look stunning because they seem so realistic - Simone. S
I don't know how to word this right but......the portrait is so much more amazing than I expected! And I KNEW it was going to be incredible!! Had me and my sister in tears! Thank you so much - Joanne. T
I gave the portrait to my boyfriend and he was absolutely blown away with the resemblance, you've really made something that I know he and his family will treasure forever. Thank you so much for taking such great care with it, its even more amazing in person - Olivia. L
Thank you so so much Adele! You are absolutely amazing at what you do! all emosh seeing Scrappy's little face again, and love having him next to Louis portrait - Beth. D
I honestly can't get over how amazing this pet portrait is of Louis. Done by my super talented friend Adele, thank you so much! - Beth. D
Adele!!! Our towels came today! I am completely awestruck. I knew they would be amazing, but seeing them in person, they have exceeded expectations x1000. I couldn't wait to open them! I can't thank you enough, I'm over the moon - Amy. S
This is superb. You have captured all the joy she brings us. You are very talented - Mark. F
I seriously can't get over this! My friends are freaking out, expect more commissions!!! You are so amazingly, incredibly talented! - Isabel. D
I absolutely love it, my boyfriend is so excited to receive the portrait. You have captured her beautifully! This for sure won't be the last portrait we commission - Maxine. F
The painting is seriously amazing and has exceeded my expectations! My Mum is going to love it, thank you so much - Lucy. T
That is amazing!! Thank you so much, he looks so sweet! - Sian. R
I cannot recommend Adele Catchpole enough! The portrait of Murph and Kubes she did for me is absolutely stunning and the printed copy is equally gorgeous. It now means I can hang it with me and the original is at home - Niamh. F
Unbelievably life life - seeing our beautiful girls sparkly eyes again reduced me to tears
Just amazing I love my Eddie. You captured him so perfectly - Elizabeth. S
Thank you so much to Adele for painting my two boys in time for my birthday, it was so much fun to unwrap this morning! I'm in love with it, its their literal doubles!!! Would highly recommend checking her work out! - Lauren. D
Thank you so much Adele...what a great present I'm so glad I found your work! What a talented lady, thank you - Jenny. G
My gorgeous boy.. I cannot thank you enough for this portrait of I finally have somewhere to put his tag and remember all the good times when I look at it - Jessica. R
Thank you so much for painting my baby!!!! - Grace. E
Amazing artist, painted my sisters boxer, Duke, for her 30th birthday and she was blown away. Incredible style - Tom. B
I absolutely love the painting Adele did of my dog Benji. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a lovely and quirky portrait of their pet - Racheal. C
Wow! Blown away by Adele's portrait of my little floofster! I can't wait to frame her. Thank you so much Adele, honestly couldn't think of a better gift for any occasion - thinking of you, birthday, valentines.. always so personal and special I love it - Ami. M
Amazing Amazing Amazing! 
Adele you have incredible skills in using paint to make a portrait come to life. Milo and his Mam's loved it and so did I! Great service and complete communication throughout the whole service - Luisa. D
We are really happy with your work. You've captured them really well. They have a lot of individual marks and you've spotted all of them, well chuffed. Thank you - Nicola. B
We absolutely love this amazing pet portrait of Rocky that the amazing Adele Catchpole did for us. It is just perfect - Lauren. S
So happy with my beautiful tea towel and pet portrait from the talented Adele Catchpole I'm just blown away, thank you - Chimaine. D
Amazing portrait of my two springer spaniels! Adele puts hours and hours of work into these and takes pride in her work and the results are outstanding. Couldn't recommend her enough. I was speechless when she showed me the portrait of my springers - Nick. M
Hand painted pet portrait of Cosmo and printed onto tea towels! Thank you to the very talented Adele Catchpole - Gemma. B
OMG it is so amazing!!!! I absolutely love the colours used and it shows off her little ginger hairs which I love! Thank you so so so much, really happy with it. I'm obsessed honestly her face is perfect - Adele. C 
Cat shirt and bunting by the sensational Adele Catchpole! Who you need to check out. For all of you who know Ollie, the cat we fostered and who Jeremy formed a bond like no other - this is his face! Adele paints a watercolour painting, then can create all this! THANK YOU - Lucy. M
Fabulous portrait of Pearl the pug, I couldn't recommend enough!
Adele is the best - Rosie. M
For anyone considering getting a pet portrait, look no further! I asked Adele to paint our much loved border collie, who sadly passed away, for a gift for my Mum. I can not believe how much the painting looks like Bailey! He's on the wall in our house in a lovely frame and will be there for a very long time. She used some gold leaf for the collar, so much attention to detail - Mathew. S
Thank you to my future daughter in law Adele Catchpole for the lovely painting she did of Cally, who I walk a few times a week - Natalie. S
Adele painted my Mum in laws two bichon frisse doggies (one had passed away recently) my Mum in law absolutely loved the painting and was very touched when she opened it on Christmas day. I would highly recommend Adele, she listened to what I wanted and produced a top quality one off painting - Lesley. H
Adele painted a fantastic portrait of one of our cats for my Mam's birthday. I would highly recommend her if you're after a pet portrait - Zach. G
After one of my Auntie and Uncle's dogs passed away I asked Adele to create a portrait of Jack and Merlin (gorg Schipperkes). Their house is a giant rainbow and filled with crazy colours and decoration, so Adele went with this and made a beautiful multicoloured portrait of the dogs. My Auntie literally cried when she opened it and they love it so much. I can't recommend Adele enough for any quirky gift or unique treat for yourself! - Katt. M
Adele painted my Mum's horse for a birthday present and its amazing! My mum absolutely loves it and I will definitely order more pet portraits for future birthday presents! - Laura. C
Brilliant, Adele did a portrait of our dog Alfie and captured every detail - Lorraine. D
Perfect portrait of a perfect pup. Adele never fails to amaze me with her talent, love you gal - Sally. H
Absolutely over the moon with this portrait of my little sausage. Adele you are amazing they make such a thoughtful gift. Thank you so much - Sally. H
After having  a pet portrait done by Adele I decided to order pet tea towels, they are super quality and made the perfect gift. Over the moon, would highly recommend, thank you - Alison. B
Beautiful portrait of my stunning Husky. We absolutely love it, thank you - Ian. P
I love my tea towel, too nice to use! A wonderful gift - Cynthia. S
My super talented sister surprised me with a portrait of our hamster, Mario, as a birthday present. I absolutely love it, we now have portraits of all the beloved pets in our family done by Adele. The detail is amazing, thank you so much - Hannah. C
Thank you so much Adele! I just love it! Darla Moonbeam's portrait is up on the wall looking stunning, can we just appreciate her magical eyes, just gorgeous - Sarah. F
Rango's tea towel?! The portrait shows off his happy demeanour brilliantly! - Charlotte. K
Absolutely love the painting of my cat Adele did, that I received as a birthday present. Adele is extremely talented and I will definitely be asking for more paintings in the future. Thank you - Lizzie. C
Another ridiculously good portrait for my bro from the ever so talented Adele Catchpole - Katie. V
Another amazing portrait for my beautiful pal by the brilliant Adele Catchpole - Katie. V 
Anyone looking to have their loved animals drawn so incredibly, Adele Catchpole is just unreal! - Isabel. B
Mind BLOWN at this ridiculous creation by Adele Catchpole. Thank you for this magnificent effort! Legit the BEST gift ever - Lilli. B